Brawl Stars Cheats for free Gems and Coins?

Few days ago Brawl Stars has been officially released for iOS and Android. After playing this game for a few hours we asked ourselves: Is it actually possible to cheat and hack on Brawl Stars in order to get free Coins and Gems?


Wait a moment, why free coins and gems?!

As you might know Brawl Stars is developed by Supercell. Well, this company isn’t known for their altruism. Games like Clash of Clans, Boom Beach or the super popular Clash Royale are actually filled with virtual currencies, microtransactions and other costs. Actually the games are “Pay-To-Win” means you have to use your real money in order to become successful. Some players might say “Oh no, it just helps you to become more successful much faster” and this is partially true. At some point you have to spend money to stay competitive The same goes for Brawl Stars. In this game we got the elixir, coins and gems. Guess what? In order to get them you also need to spend your real money. New game, but same old style.


There are already so many tools

When it comes to mobile games you will find so many hacks and cheats everywhere on the internet. Especially on YouTube you will find so many videos and reviews of so called “online generator”, where you can “easily generate free coins and gems” on your iOS and Android smartphone. We know some of the tools are actually working. For example the FIFA 19 coins hack and other hacks for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team are doing very well. People can really get free FIFA 19 coins and point on their account. The question is not if such tools and hacks are really working, but if the specific websites are providing you with the correct tools. There are a few websites, which are doing pretty well. One of them is here, which got hundreds of hacks for you. They are also offering a Brawl Stars hack for iOS and Android, which is super popular right now. The game has been released and the hack has been leaked. Wonderful.

Gamer want to hack Brawl Stars

The time when cheaters were automatically bad humans is over. Cheating and hacking changed a lot in the last few years. Everyone remember the guys using wall hacks and aimbots for Counterstrike? Everyone hated them. Now cheating became much more about the items and virtual currencies. People want to use the Brawl Stars hack to get free coins and gems and not to hurt or cheat other gamer. It is a big difference. In our opinion the Brawl Stars hack apk should be used by everyone.


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